Author: Soul Music Songs: Funk, R&B, Gospel, Disco, Blues and more

Banana Fanna – The Jaguars (Crazy Thing / Banana Fanna, 1968)

No Substitute – Eldridge Holmes ‎(The Book / No Substitute, 1970)

What’d I Do Wrong – Betty Harris (Mean Man  / What’d I Do Wrong, 1968)

Two Of A Kind

– Lord Lord Luther And The Counts (Two Of A Kind / Tough, 196?)

Here Come The Girls – Ernie K-Doe ‎(Ernie K-Doe, 1971)

Love Is Easy To Lose – Jackie Ross ‎(Love Is Easy To Lose / Keep Your Chin Up, 1967)

My Money Is Funny – The Right Kind (You Better Stop – Sonny Rhodes / My Money Is Funny (My Money Is Funny – The Right Kind, 1967)

Stuck In The Mud – Miles Grayson ‎(Stuck In The Mud / Home Brew, 1969)

A Gira – Trio Ternura (A Gira / Last Tango In Paris, 1973)

Vicious Rap – Tanya Winley (Vicious Rap – Tanya Winley / Vicious Rap (Instrumental) – Harlem Underground Band, 1980)