Category: 197?

AC Feeling – Cook E. Jarr and His Krums ‎(AC Feeling, 197?)

Lifted The Name of Jesus  – Fantastic Golden Travelers featuring James Rodgers, (197?)

Love Lifted Me – The Sensational Starlight Singers ‎(Love Lifted Me / You Can’t Change What God Has Made, 197?)

Fagged Out – The Deacons (Fagged Out / Lunch Break, 197?))

Sweet Angel Child – Bill Sampson (Stronger and Wronger / Sweet Angel Child, 197?) 

The Way Out – Good Good People ‎(The Way Out / Message From The Hardcore, 197?)

Leaving My Troubles Behind – The Harris Crusaders (Leaving My Troubles Behind, 197?)

Funky Funk – Big Al and The Star Treks (Funky Funk / Warm And Tender Love, 197?)

Don’t Shake My Tree – Beverly Wheeler With The Cameros ‎(Don’t Shake My Tree / Don’t Shake My Tree (Instrumental), 197?)

Five Fantastic Soul Music Discoveries to start the week. Music that
is unusual, different, awesome…