Category: 45

Dave Hamilton – “Cracklin Bread” (TCB) – Blistering guitar funk

Sammy & Sunlites Orchestra – “Sunlite Soul” (Elena) Latin funk soul instrumental

Pierre Cavalli – “Un Soir Chez Norris” (Carabine) – Funky soft psych winner

Ace Jones & The Instant Souls – “Hey Lady” (CU-WU) – Funky bizness

Pedro Gonzalez – El Samurai (BOA) – Dang.

Brenda Duff – Midnight Taxi Ride (To Nowhere) (Volume) – We’ve all taken one…

Thanks to Paola Puente for this one!

Big Al & The Star Treks – “Funky Funk” (Double M) – Funky Funk (Double M) – This is some funky funk

Jimmy Thompson – “Jimmy’s Place” (Jimmy Thompson Music) – Jazzy soul smoothness

The Feminine Society – Give Me A Chance To Get Over You (Sure Hits) – Soulful Saturday sounds

The Tops – I Found You (arsis) – Moody psych jam